Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magic Wallet - Useful Yet Fashionable (wellington wallet)

wellington wallet

By: Bradly Mckoy
The popular wallet maker, Royce, is one of the many leather and accessories manufacturer who has started creating wallets that is fashionable yet functional. It attempted to creating different types and kinds of wallets depending on a particular use or function; for instance, a taxi wallet, a fashion wallet or a keyholder. One wallet of note from among these many products is the magic wallet because as its name suggest, it works like magic.

Magic Wallet's 'Magic'

Four pockets were created on the outside skin of the wallet. These pockets can easily hold business cards, VIP, ATM, and credit cards. It actually improves the way you use a wallet: you don't need to open your wallet just to get these cards. All you have to do is to slide through one of the four pockets and you can easily get your important cards whenever you need them. It is that easy to use, truly convenient. No need to rummage deep just to get to your ID cards. It is easy accessibility right at your fingertips.

The Only Secure Wallet

Cards or any items from the magic wallet won't fall off because of the 'magic' that Royce did. Royce install four elastic security straps that fastens cards, small papers and other items in place. Not only is it trendy but it is also safe. The magic wallet is smaller than regular wallet; this means that it will fit your back pocket firmly without the bulge. Securing the items inside the wallet assures one that regardless of any strenuous activity, no single thing will ever fall off.

A Wallet For The Extremes

A magic wallet is also useful to extreme sport athletes. For a cyclist, he normally carry his compact bag with him, but when he stops by a food store to buy energy bars and Gatorade, does he have to pull his sack to his front, open it and get money for payment? That will be too much a waste of time for a speed freak like him. The best thing that he can do is to have the magic wallet with him, with the money securely fastened by straps. Getting his money will be as easy as counting from 1 to 3.

A wallet For All Ages

It is a good thing that finally there are wallets out there that has been designed to suit the discriminating and totally different tastes of adults and those of the younger generation. The magic wallet is a clever wallet that is not only trendy but is also stylish. Obviously, it is a wallet that was conceptualized with function and fashion in mind. It is available in genuine leather finish made from top-grain Napa leather and comes in the latest colors of fashion: red, black or cocoa.

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wellington wallet